• Mechanical Insulation

    Mechanical Insulation

  • Building envelope

    Building envelope

    • We carry top brands of rigid insulation such as Roxul and Knauf as well as the Henry Bakor weather proofing line of products.
    • We offer Ecolofoam urethane spray systems.
    • These products are in inventory at our various locations in Ontario at Impro, in Quebec at Nadeau and in Atlantic Canada at Scotia Insulations.
  • OEM insulation and solutions

    OEM insulation and solutions

    • We have unique design, fabrication and logistics capabilities to supply manufacturers of products requiring insulation such as fireplaces, appliances, HVAC equipments.
    • Bus, coach and railway car manufacturers are serviced by our Artik/OEM unit.
  • Cleanrooms


    • Our Mecart subsidiary designs, engineers, manufactures and installs cleanrooms all over the world
    • Mecart cleanrooms are modular, fully complete solutions; performance and compliance is guaranteed
    • Mecart is a cleanroom specialist for a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biopharma, electronics, medical devices, optics/photonics or metrology instruments.
  • Acoustical solutions

    Acoustical solutions

    • Mecart works with world-class companies such as Siemens and ABB to design and build acoustical barriers and enclosures for transformers that are part of the electrical grid.
    • Mecart offers customized solutions for the control of sound and vibrations in an outdoor environment, including sound absorbing panels, barriers and silencers.
  • Cabins, control rooms, electrical rooms, studios

    Cabins, control rooms, electrical rooms, studios

    • Mecart creates control rooms, operator booths, plant offices and enclosures, providing a productive, noise-free, vibration-free, heat, humidity and contaminant controlled work environment
    • Mecart designs/builds integrated electrical rooms
    • Mecart also offers modular studios for recording, radio stations, music schools and other applications.


In all of its business units, Pol R promotes Passion at work, Obsession for customer satisfaction, Leadership and Respect. The company has a stable and solid ownership and, most importantly, a great team within all of its business units.

  • Pol R Enterprises Inc

    Chief Executive Officer

    Benoît Poupart
  • Pol R Enterprises Inc.

    Director, Strategic Advisor

    Daniel Desbiens
  • Pol R Enterprises Inc

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Martin Lapointe CPA, CA
  • Impro, Scotia Insualtions and Nadeau

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Christian Lafortune
  • Scotia Insulations

    Vice President

    Ron Douglas
  • Impro

    Director of Sales

    Illya Kornobis
  • MeCart

    Vice President and General Manager

    Patrice Genois M.Ing.
  • Artik/OEM

    Vice President, Operations

    Bill Clark
  • Artik/OEM

    Vice President, Business development

    Jim Graham

To reach us


    5085, Rideau Street
    Quebec city, QC G2E 5H5, Canada

    T: (418) 872-4615 / F: (418) 872-7660
  • Toronto

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    L4W 2K4, Canada

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  • Mecart

    110 Rotterdam Street
    Quebec city, QC,
    G3A 1T3, Canada

    Toll free :
    866 4 MECART
    (866 463-2278)

    T: (418) 880-7000 / F: (418) 880-7070 Send us an email
  • Montreal

    8300 Place Lorraine
    Anjou, QC,
    H1J 1E6, Canada

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  • Quebec city

    5085 Rideau Street
    Quebec city, QC,
    G2E 5H5, Canada

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  • Nova Scotia

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    Dartmouth, NS,
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  • Newfoundland

    134 Clyde Avenue
    Donavan’s Industrial Park, Mount Pearl, NL., A1N 4S1, Canada

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  • New Brunswick

    885 Bayside Drive
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  • Iowa

    918 North Second Street
    Osage, Iowa,

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